Blood Tests on Children


Our aim is to ensure your child approach this and any further blood tests with confidence. Babies and young children can be a little more difficult to take blood off due to their smaller sized veins. To try and make this an easier experience for parents, we have two senior staff assist the collection and we can use either a ‘magic spray’ (Ethylene chloride spray) or a ‘magic cream’ (EMLA Cream) to numb the phlebotomy site. The EMLA cream can take an hour to work depending on the individual, so you may need to allow more time for the sample to be collected.

Canterbury Health Laboratories run dedicated clinics for children requiring blood tests at the Hagley Ave centre. These are held on Monday to Friday. Please call us on 03 378 6647 to arrange an appointment and to discuss local anaesthesia options. A flyer is below with further information.


How you Can Prepare Your Child for a Blood Test
CHL Children’s Clinic Guidelines
Canterbury SCL Clinic Details



How you Can Prepare Your Child for a Blood Test
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