Here in Canterbury we put the patient first. We have over fifteen collection centres for public collections and work with GP practices for the collection of samples. Canterbury SCL are responsible for the day to day collection of blood samples and swabs from GP practices, and there are several acute demand services run by Pegasus and Canterbury Health Laboratories (CHL).


As part of the Canterbury Laboratory Service Level Alliance we work together to provide a range of pathology services for all GP's, public hospital clinics and Midwives for diagnostic testing for eligible patients. Canterbury SCL are responsible for the community testing and CHL are responsible for hospital and reference testing. Both laboratories provide a cervical screening service and can provide commercial services for non funded requests.


Specimen Minimum Labelling Requirements



Canterbury SCL pathologists are available to provide all clinicians with expert advice and interpretation to assist in the patient's ongoing management and care. In addition to laboratory testing, Canterbury SCL provide extended services at the request of health practitioners.



These include;

Specimen collection services
Courier pickup
Home visit

Fine needle aspirates (FNA)

Continuing professional development education


Please use the contact page to discuss any of these services directly with Canterbury SCL.

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