My Test Results


Canterbury SCL and Canterbury Health Laboratories(CHL) provide diagnostic testing under contract to the Canterbury District Health Board as per contractual requirements your results are sent to the Healthcare provider who requested the tests. Your healthcare provider is the best person to interpret your results.



The Privacy Act and You

Canterbury SCL and CHL are committed to protecting your privacy. You have the right to access your health information ensuring that the information is only released to those entitled to receive it. This statement provides you with information on what information we collect, who we share it with and your rights to correct it.

Self Requested Tests

If you wish to "self request" a test, the results will only be provided to you.


  • Neither Canterbury SCL nor Canterbury Health Laboratories are able to provide you with an interpretation or medical opinion of these results.
  • If you would like your healthcare provider to receive a copy of the results, please provide their full details.

To request a copy of your results

You can request a copy of your results at the time your sample is collected or go to a Collection Center later.
You need to complete the Request for Results form and provide photographic identification. This is required for each set of results you require, except if you have a repeat request from your referrer.


Neither Canterbury SCL nor Canterbury Health Laboratories can take these requests by phone.

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